MEET THE LINNENBRINGER FAMILY. It was a very warm day in August 2014 when the moving truck unloaded the belongings of the Linnenbringer  family at their new home in the 2300 block of Cleveland Ave.  Their new neighbors watched as they wondered who the newcomers were and soon the news spread as toys and bikes were brought into the house.

The toys belonged to Otto and Greta, now 7 and 5, and the bikes to their parents, Danielle John and her husband Ted Linnenbringer, both 41. Ted looked familiar because he is the beloved math teacher at Lincoln Park High. And before he changed careers 12 years ago he was a mechanical engineer. Ted was a volunteer tutor in the then Cabrini Green neighborhood when he discovered he liked to teach and be with children. Thanks to the Golden Apple Foundation, he enrolled in May in its fast tract program for math and science teachers and by September Ted had his first teaching assignment at Wells High School.

Danielle also changed career paths. After 16 years with a downtown digital branding agency, she started a presentation design company, VerdanaBold, in July 2016. Her office is in the newly remodeled Google building in the West Loop. Among her first clients are Kellogg Business School, Glanbia Nutritionals and Cardinal Health.

Both avid bikers, they ride their bikes to work everyday, all 12 months of Chicago weather. Danielle drops Otto and Greta at Lincoln School on her way to work, and Ted picks them up after his classes and theirs. They don’t own a car, and in Lincoln Park, biking the best form of transportation.

MidNorth welcomes the Linnenbringer family.