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Want to Expand your World? Host an AFS Student




Host an AFS International Exchange Student in Chicago for the 2018/19 School Year


AFS is looking for families to host foreign exchange high school students for the

2018/19 school year

You choose the student who will be the best fit for your family.


Hosting an AFS Exchange Student will:

  • Enrich your family by sharing your daily lives with a young person from another culture and country.
  • Introduce a better understanding of the world to your children.
  • Show your part of America to an outstanding young person from another country.


As a host family, you will open your home and heart to a student who will become a member of your family.  

Students arrive with their own spending money, excellent medical coverage and are looking forward to participating as active members of their host families, schools and communities.

There is no typical host family. Couples, with or without children (any ages), single parents, or single adults – you are all welcome to open your hearts and homes to a student!


The following are three of many students coming to Chicago for the 2018/19 academic year. You choose the student that will be the best fit for your family.

  • Host Hatice from Germany. She is cheerful and loves to learn, especially math and science. She has been playing soccer since she was 7.
  • Host Samuele from Italy. He is social, active in scouting and a member of a local volleyball championship team.
  • Host Pann from Thailand. He is a top student, musical and participates in academic competitions.


Regional AFS staff and dedicated volunteers are available to help make the AFS experience life changing for you and your student.


For more Information or questions, contact:

Linda P. Mellis, Volunteer, AFS Chicago Coordinator, 773-327-9123, afs.mellis@gmail.com

Brad Thompson, 646-381-3318, bthompson@afsusa.org